2017 Audi S8 Plus Review: 605 HP in a Nicely Tailored Business Suit


Overview: No, you’re not reading the specifications wrong: This relatively unassuming big German luxury sedan really is a member of the exclusive 600-hp club. The Audi S8 Plus competes in the upper echelon of the luxury-sports-sedan realm, trading blows with such machines as the 577-hp Mercedes-AMG S63 and the 600-hp BMW Alpina B7. The previous, 520-hp S8 wasn’t quite keeping up in the horsepower wars, though, so Audi introduced the top-dog Plus model for 2016 with more power—and it’s now the only S8 configuration available to U.S. buyers. (We’re not complaining.) Beyond its burlier engine, the S8 also differentiates itself with a shorter, 117.8-inch wheelbase; as with the BMW 7-series and the Mercedes S-class, the regular A8 is long wheelbase only in America—the A8L in Audi-speak. The Audi also has an uprated chassis, including a stiffer suspension and bigger brakes, as well as a subtle visual makeover with unique styling treatments front and rear and snazzier interior trim. READ MORE ››

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