2017 Nissan Titan in Depth: Playing in the Pickup-Truck League Is Easy, But Winning Is Hard

2017-Nissan-Titan- PLACEMENT

The Titan has the same workhorse DNA as its pickup-truck peers, which results in similar physical attributes: immense exterior dimensions, remarkable capability, and extraordinary versatility. What separates the Nissan from its huge-selling domestic rivals—besides their decades of branding and devoted followings? Not as much as you would think. Pickup customers who chance a glance at the Titan will find a civilized cabin, a customizable cargo box, and a dedicated off-road trim. On the surface, Nissan’s latest attempt to lure buyers from domestic light-duty pickups appears well conceived. Too bad the Titan suffers from an unoriginal design, a rougher ride than rivals, and obsolete infotainment. Nissan’s Titan is proof that playing in the pickup-truck big league is easy; it’s winning that’s hard. READ MORE ››

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