5 of the Most Overlooked Car Maintenance Services

Commuting to work, carpooling the kids… when you have busy work and family schedules, there’s no time for unexpected car repairs. The majority of times, these high repair costs and the trouble associated with them could have been avoided with some basic car maintenance. Here are 5 of the most overlooked car maintenance services.

Are you guilty of not taking care of any of the following 5 car care services?

  1. Power Steering Service – When was the last time you brought your vehicle into the shop and asked for a power steering service? Thought so. Most people don’t, but in time, your vehicle’s power steering fluid will become dirty or sludgy from the normal wear and tear it undergoes each time you drive. Fluids are important to proper operation of the steering system. When the power steering fluid gets dirty and old, it can begin to clog steering components and may even cause system failures. Not sure how often to replace the power steering fluid? Ask us.
  2. Wheel Alignment – Wheels that are out of alignment can cause all sorts of problems from uneven tire wear to problems with the suspension system. Over time, the alignment will go out – a little more quickly if you hit potholes or curbs. You should have the alignment checked at least once a year and more if you’ve hit a pothole or curb.
  3. Transmission Fluid and Filter Service – How often do you check the condition and level of transmission fluid in your vehicle? To that end, when did you last have the fluid and filter changed? Because today’s transmissions are fairly reliable, many people don’t even think of having this important service performed. Check the fluid once a month and follow the recommended service intervals in your owner’s manual. For more on transmissions, click here.
  4. Timing Belt Replacement – The timing belt is critical to the proper operation of your vehicle engine. So much so that if the timing belt breaks, your engine could sustain irreparable damage. Your owner’s manual will identify when the timing belt should be replaced. Don’t wait until it breaks to replace it.
  5. Cooling System Service – Another very important component to your vehicle’s operation, the cooling system prevents corrosion and keeps the engine from overheating. A cooling system that hasn’t been maintained can’t protect engine parts from corrosion and will most likely cause the engine to run too hot. If the engine overheats, just like with the timing belt, you could sustain major engine damage. Make sure you have the proper level of coolant/antifreeze in the fall and spring. Flush and replace the coolant/antifreeze when it’s time to do so.

Our certified technicians and service advisor are happy to answer questions you may have about any of these services. Also, each time you bring your vehicle to us for repair or maintenance, we complete a 27-point courtesy inspection. If we find anything that needs to be replaced, we’ll let you know. Click here to schedule your next appointment with Shade Tree Garage in Morristown, New Jersey.

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