Another Expert in Self-Driving Cars Heads to Apple, This Time from Tesla

Apple Hires Self-Driving Car Expert From Tesla
-Former Tesla autopilot firmware manager Jamie Carlson has joined Apple’s Special Project division, according to Carlson’s updated LinkedIn profile.

Apple is said to be developing a self-driving car and this additional hire seems like a step closer in that direction. The company has been actively seeking a place to test its autonomous-car project, code-named “Project Titan.”

Apple has made a slew of new hires recently: specialists in the fields of driver-assistance software systems and automated-driving engineering. Reports claim that as many as 1000 Apple employees are working in the Project Titan barracks, including former employees of Tesla, NASA, and a whole spate of major automakers.

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No statement from Apple yet, but the evidence is clearly mounting: Apple seems to desperately want a piece of the autonomous-car market.

This story originally appeared on via Reuters.

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