Answers to FAQs about the Engine Oil Warning Light

If you were driving down the road and your engine oil warning light came on, would you know what to do? Most people don’t. As a car owner, it’s important for you to know what each of your dashboard lights is trying to communicate to you.  Some lights, like the engine oil light, are critical warning lights and indicate a serious problem. Others, like the check engine light, are there to alert you to an issue so you can have it fixed before it becomes a major repair. In this blog post, we provided the answers to some frequently asked questions about the engine oil warning light.

Q. What should I do if my oil warning light comes on?

A. Glad you asked this question. The “red” engine oil warning light on your dashboard means you need to take action right away. This light should not be ignored. When the engine oil warning light comes on, there has been a serious drop in engine oil pressure. Safely pull over as soon as you are able and call for a tow. Continuing to drive when this warning light is on could cause serious engine damage and costly repairs. If the engine seizes, you’ll either have to buy a new engine OR a new car. If you start your engine and the light comes on and stays on, turn off your car and check the oil level. If you have to add oil, make sure it’s the same as what you currently have in your engine.

Q. Why did the engine oil light come on?

A. Sufficient oil pressure is required to make sure all engine parts are properly lubricated. If the oil pressure drops too low, the engine oil warning light comes on. Some of the common reasons the light comes on are when there’s not enough oil in the engine or there’s a faulty oil pressure sending unit.

Q. What can I do to protect my vehicle’s engine?

A. To operate properly, and for the long-term, your vehicle’s engine needs to be maintained. By committing to regular oil changes, you are extending the life of your engine.  It’s also a good idea to check the level of oil in your engine each month. That way, you will be able to quickly know if your oil level is low. If you find that you have to add oil each month, there’s an oil leak that should be repaired. Just give us a call and our auto technicians will be able to locate and repair that leak for you. 

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