Common Summer Car Care Problems and How You Can Avoid Them

Whether you are driving to your vacation destination, heading to the Jersey shore, or just driving around town, summer driving can pose some problems if your vehicle isn’t up-to-date on its maintenance. Winter isn’t the only time of year that can wreak havoc on a vehicle engine. Extreme temperatures in either direction along with lack of regular car maintenance are responsible for many break downs by the side of the road. You can avoid three of the most common summer car care problems by doing this…

  1. Take care of your vehicle’s cooling system. An overheated engine is at the top of the list of common summer car care problems. The cooling system consists of the radiator, water pump, thermostat, fan, belts and hoses. These parts all work together to remove heat from the engine. The normal operating temperature for car engines is between 195 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hot! If the coolant in the system is old, it won’t be able to prevent the engine from overheating. Worn hoses and belts can also break on a hot summer day, spewing coolant everywhere. To make sure your car, truck or van is protected from overheating, regularly change the engine oil and coolant. It’s also a good idea to visually inspect hoses and belts and replace them at the first sign of excessive wear and tear like cracks and bulges. If you begin to notice the water temperature gauge on the dashboard is running hotter than normal or you haven’t had maintenance performed on the cooling system in a while, bring it in to Shade Tree Garage in Morristown, New Jersey. If the engine does overheat, safely pull over and call for a tow. Continuing to drive an overheated engine will cause serious engine damage.
  2. Maintain your car’s battery: It’s just as common for a battery to fail in the summertime as it is in the winter. If your car battery is about 4 years old, you should have it tested. The Shade Tree Garage technicians can do that for you and will let you know if you need a new battery.
  3. Keep up with tire maintenance: The best practice for tire maintenance is to check the tire air pressure once a month and to add air when the tires are low (make sure you check the pressure in the morning, before you drive your vehicle). Tires that are over or under-inflated create a serious safety hazard. You’ll also end up spending more on gas and will have to replace tires more often than you should. Another good habit to develop is to regularly inspect the tires to be sure there is enough tread on them and that they are wearing evenly and don’t have bulges or cracks. When you need to replace your tires, give us a call. Not only can we help you select the right tires for your vehicle and budget, we can install, mount and balance them.

The best deterrent to these common summer car care problems is to make a commitment to regular maintenance. Click here to schedule your summer car maintenance with Shade Tree Garage in Morristown, NJ.

photo credit: Traffic in Brisbane via photopin (license)

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