If your car air conditioner isn’t working, one of these 5 things could be the reason

A hot and humid summer day in New Jersey is definitely the wrong time to find out your car air conditioner doesn’t work. If you’re like most people, the thought of a broken car air conditioner conjures up words like “unpleasant,” “sticky,” “sweaty,” and “miserable.” Getting it fixed may bring up even further feelings of frustration. This blog post will address some of the common reasons you may need a car air conditioner repair done and what you can do to get your car blowing cool air out of the vents again.

The air conditioner in your car works just like the one you have in your home. It not only cools the air coming into your vehicle, it also reduces the humidity. There are five main parts to a car’s air conditioning system – compressor, condenser, drier, evaporator and expansion valve. A problem with any one of these parts can cause the system to fail, requiring car air conditioning repair.

5 Reasons Why Your Car’s Air Conditioner May Not Be Working

  1. Leaks in the system – Quite often, a broken car air conditioning system is the result of low refrigerant caused by a leak. To determine if a leak is the cause, we introduce dye into the system and see where it leaks out. The majority of times, we find the leak within the compressor or hoses. Note: If your car is older (pre-1994), the refrigerant will run out on its own. If your vehicle is using the R-12 Freon, you MUST have it replaced by a professional.
  2. A noisy air conditioner – There could be problems with the compressor and it may need to be replaced.
  3. Fluctuating air temperatures – If you’re noticing a fluctuation in the temperature of the air coming out of the vents, this could be the result of moisture build-up in one of the hoses or assemblies. The certified technicians at Morristown, NJ’s Shade Tree Garage can quickly and easily fix this problem.
  4. The air conditioner seems to be struggling or doesn’t work at all – In this case, the electrical system might be the culprit.
  5. Odors – If you notice funny smells coming from the air conditioning vents, there is usually a problem with bacteria that has built up in the system. You should have the evaporator flushed out.

The easiest way to deal with car air conditioning problems is to bring your vehicle to Shade Tree Garage in Morristown, New Jersey. Click here to schedule your air conditioner repair in Morristown, NJ.

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