Is Your Car’s Cooling System Waiting for Disaster? 4 Signs of a Problem

When was the last time you had maintenance done on your vehicle’s cooling system? If you don’t remember, it’s definitely time to have this vital engine system checked out and serviced. In this blog post, we will address some signs that there may be a problem with the cooling system. We will also let you know what you can do to protect your car’s engine from major damage.

Signs of Cooling System Problems

The cooling system in your vehicle is a vital component responsible for making sure the engine and transmission don’t overheat. When the cooling system isn’t properly maintained, failure of the system can result in serious engine damage. As with any engine system, there are usually some telltale signs that indicate a problem. Here are the four symptoms that your vehicle’s cooling system needs to be serviced:

  1. The engine overheats. If this happens, you should have your vehicle’s cooling system checked out right away. If you continue to run the engine, it could result in major engine damage. Schedule your cooling system service now.
  2. You can smell antifreeze.
  3. You notice a leak under the front of your vehicle that is yellowish-green, pastel blue or fluorescent orange in color.
  4. You have to frequently add coolant to the radiator.

Tips on Maintaining the Cooling System

Regular maintenance is key to preventing cooling system failure. Here’s how to maintain the cooling system on your vehicle:

  • Regularly inspect the radiator, drive belt and hoses. You want to make sure the hoses aren’t showing signs of dryness, cracking, and/or bulging. When it comes to the drive belt (a/k/a serpentine belt), you will want to look for evidence of cracks, chunks missing, abrasions, rib separation, uneven rib wear, and/or damaged ribs. Replace any hoses when they show the first sign of a problem.
  • Have the drive belt replaced before it fails. Use the service recommendation listed in the owner’s manual. Typically, this is around 50,000 miles (or about 5 years). Our certified technicians can let you know if your vehicle is nearing the time that the drive belt should be replaced.
  • Flush and change the coolant about every 2 years. The coolant helps disperse the heat and prevents corrosion. As the antifreeze ages, it loses its ability to keep the engine from overheating. Flushing and replacing the antifreeze helps the engine run cooler and removes sediment that can be damaging to other parts in the cooling system.

The best way to take care of your vehicle’s cooling system is to have it maintained at Shade Tree Garage in Morristown, New Jersey. We can take care of coolant flushes and replace or repair all cooling system parts. Click here to schedule your cooling system service today in Morristown, NJ.

photo credit: EvelynGiggles radiator via photopin (license)

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