6 Signs You May Have Issues with Your Transmission

Trust your transmission repair to the professionals at Shade Tree Garage, Morristown, New JerseyIt’s always advisable to deal with your vehicle at the first sign of a problem. By doing this, you’ll avoid the trouble and cost of a car breakdown. Routine maintenance is particularly important when it comes to your vehicle’s transmission. Repairs on transmissions can be very expensive. Because of this, you should be on the lookout for anything that seems unusual so you can have it fixed immediately. Here are 6 signs you might have problems with your transmission:

1. A Burnt Smell or Transmission Fluid that is Black – Your transmission’s fluid, when in good condition, is a bright red color and has a sweet odor. If it smells burnt or is dark red or black, have your transmission checked. The fluid is meant to lubricate the various components in your automobile’s transmission. Additionally, it’s supposed to keep your transmission from overheating.

2. When in Neutral it Makes Noise – If your transmission makes a noise when it’s in neutral, this could be an indication there is a problem with the transmission oil pump. The filter may also be clogged. Have your transmission checked if you hear any noise whenever your vehicle is in neutral.

3. Slipping Gears – An RPM over 3,500, a delay in acceleration, inability to shift into reverse, or difficulty shifting into gears are signs your transmission is slipping. A slipping transmission doesn’t necessarily mean it will be an expensive repair. The key is to have it looked at right away. A transmission that slips could be the result of something as simple as a low fluid level or fluid that needs to be changed. It could also be an indication of a more complicated repair issue like a solenoid or torque converter.

4. Bright Red Fluid Under Your Vehicle – If you notice a leak of bright red fluid on the driveway or in your garage, schedule an appointment to have us find and repair the leak.

5. Sounds – Grinding, shaking, humming, and clunking sounds are signs or symptoms your transmission isn’t operating properly.

6. Hesitating – A transmission is built to smoothly transition from one gear to another. If it hesitates or won’t shift into the next gear, there is something wrong.

Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Transmission

Regular transmission maintenance is the best way to prevent major transmission problems. A lot of modern cars no longer have a dip stick for checking the actual fluid level and condition.  Don’t worry about it since these cars have onboard computers that monitor the condition of the fluid.  Plus, the computers will adapt as the transmission wears, preventing any slippage from occurring.  We have the ability to communicate with these cars and can identify wear or fluid breakdown before a failure occurs.

We should also touch on “lifetime” fluid.  Whose lifetime?  Mine? The car’s? The lifetime of the gearbox?  Even if the fluid can still lubricate, there are components of the fluid that do breakdown. Our experience shows that the transmission operates better with regular fluid services. You should have the transmission fluid and filter changed every 30,000 miles. If you have never changed the transmission fluid and filter and your vehicle is approaching 100,000 miles, check with us prior to having it changed.

The ASE-certified technicians at Shade Tree Garage, in Morristown, NJ, are happy to speak with you about a proper maintenance schedule for your vehicle. In addition, we can perform periodic maintenance as well as handle any transmission repairs. Don’t postpone work that needs to be done on your transmission. If you believe you have a problem, click here to schedule an appointment for transmission maintenance or repair.


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