The 20 Worst Concept Cars of the Past 20 Years

Concept cars are the most exciting vehicles in an auto show. Freed from the constraints imposed by production realities, the creators of concept cars can dream big, explore fanciful themes, and create works of unique beauty. Or they can fail spectacularly, as was the case with these misbegotten show cars. Culled from the past 20 years of auto shows, these dream cars are more like nightmares. We restricted ourselves to those concepts from major automakers—because they should have known better.Pontiac Rageous (1997, Detroit auto show)Buick Signia Concept Vehicle.Buick Cielo ConceptPontiac Aztek (1999, Detroit)Honda Fuya-Jo (1999, Tokyo)Mercedes-Benz Vision SLA (2000, Detroit)Basing a two-door coupe on the X5 chassis automatically sounds like a bad idea, and the X coupe does nothing to dispel that notion. Instead, it slathers the awkwardly proportioned creation in BMW’s signature flame surfacing, which never makes anything look good. We probably should be grateful the X6 didn’t turn out like this. READ MORE >>2001 Dodge Super8 Hemi Concept Vehicle. (CV0111)Honda UniboxToyota Pod (2001, Tokyo)Chevrolet Bel Air Concept.Kia KCV-II (2002, Paris)2004 Volkswagen Concept TFord SYNus (2005, Detroit)Chrysler Imperial (2006, Detroit)Acura Advanced Sedan (2006, Los Angeles)Suzuki Regina (2011, Tokyo)Bentley EXP 9 F (2012, Geneva)Lexus LF-SA (2015, Geneva)Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo (2015, Tokyo)

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